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H. Carl Gelhaus, Ph.D. founded Full Effect Biotech, Inc. to squeeze value from existing FDA approved drugs and biologics. Dr. Gelhaus has 19 years’ experience in the field of Im­munology, covering a diverse range of topics. Dr. Gelhaus has 12 years of experience in infec­tious disease, with emphasis on bioweapons and bioterror threats. Dr. Gelhaus has managed multi-year, multi-million dollar programs for DTRA, BARDA, NIAID, and com­mercial clients; published 12 peer-review journal articles; and produced 18 study reports in support of contract research. With this experience in biology, infection disease, managing large programs, and seeking FDA marketing approval for biodefense therapeutics, Dr. Gelhaus is the ideal person to lead a for-profit corporation with intent to obtain FDA marketing approval for additional indications of already approved drugs and biologics. 


Full Effect Biotech seeks to squeeze additional value from existing drugs and biologics through repurposing.

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